South Lake

The Water Resource Project will convert our irrigation system to use water from the community's south lake.

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The purpose of this website is to provide homeowners with official information about the Garden Lakes Community Association’s Water Resource Project (WRP). The website describes most everything you will want to know...and probably a lot more, since we've included a lot of detail!

Basically, the WRP would change the source of water used for our irrigation system. The project would give the Association $160,000 in annual net savings.


The Water Resource Project (WRP) would change our irrigation system's water source from city water to lake water. The project would install a pump system and some new pipe. The pump system would draw water from our south lake, filter and treat the water, and then put the water into our existing irrigation system.

Here are some essential facts and quick take-aways about the project.

  • The project would change the source of our irrigation water from city water to lake water.
  • The project could be paid for with funds which have been accumulated by the Association. No special assessment is necessary.
  • The project would reduce annual GLCA net expenses by about $160,000.
  • We don't have to re-invent the wheel to do this project. Other HOA's, golf courses, etc. have saved millions of dollars with similar projects. The engineering company has done similar projects in the valley and worldwide.
  • Our lake water has been tested and met Arizona Department of Environmental Quality standards for Partial Body Contact.
  • The Association has more than enough deeded water rights to replace lake water used for irrigation.
  • The project savings will pay for the construction cost in 6.3 years.

Currently, our irrigation system uses water that we purchase from the City of Avondale. The WRP would convert our irrigation system to use water from the Association’s south lake. We would use Salt River Project (SRP) water to replace the water used for irrigation.

We already use SRP water to replace lake water loss of evaporation. We have deeded water rights and we've been using our water rights for years, ever since the lakes were built, to replenish lake water lost due to evaporation.

The difference in the cost of water is very significant. The cost per gallon of City of Avondale water is about 75 times the cost of SRP water. Since we spend about $200,000 for City water, the savings is very considerable.

In considering the WRP, Garden Lakes is not re-inventing the wheel. Many communities, golf courses, and other organizations have been successfully savings millions of dollars in water costs for many years. The firm that is providing us with engineering plans has done this type of project form many clients, both in the metropolitan area and across the world.

This website will provide you with details about the project and how the WRP could benefit the our community.

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